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Create a list of all top ranked & best keywords with this amazingly powerful software.
GKEYword Profit Analyser Features:
Google-logoG is for “Google”. The Best Software provides one with all the high ranking & seo keywords in google and all related keywords for free.
k kindleK is for “Kindle”. Kindle ebook’s also required best keywords to be used for successful launching of ebooks. Keywords research software will keep you at top.
e ebayE is for “EBay”. This provides us with a list of top best ranking keywords of the online giant ebay. This will help you drive your business seo up in ebay.

y youtubeY is for “YouTube”. The most popular video keywords of this video-sharing website are provided, thereby aiding one in increasing the number of views.Best of video keywords tags are retrieved.
Why Are So Many Marketers Using GKEYword Profit Analyser Tool
GKEYword Profit Analyser tool is not only your one step solution to obtaining high & best ranking keywords pertaining to various domains but also it is unique because of the immense functionalities it offers. Moreover what sets it apart is the fact that it provides keywords for all the four best niche websites. It’s low cost and ease of accessibility are added incentives. It works on Windows as well as Mac.

Best Keyword
The keyword obtained on searching is 100 percent useful and top notch. Resulting keyword becomes a profitable keywords.

Keyword Insight
An added facility of this software,apart from giving a list of best keywords is that it gives keyword insights pertaining to each domain on search

Wide Usage
G keyword Profit Analyser software can be used in a wide range of industries for marketing,SEO optimisation, kindle ebooks,ebay products & youtube.

All-in-one Software
This tool provides one with an entire list of keywords that cater to the most widely used domains: Google,Kindle,Ebay,Youtube. Said as a - best seo tool.
Using GKEYword Profit Analyser Tool
All categories of keywords are retrieved in not more than a minute...
GKEYword Profit Analyser Has Innumerous Powerful Features!
Below is a list of features for each domain one by one:
Google Keyword Analyzer:
It has the following features
Best Keyword Research
Related keywords for each top ranked keyword
Suggested bid value
Local search volumes
Competition value
Management of the list of keywords ‘project-wise’
Filtering of results
Making a csv file
Average of all bids, volumes and no. of words
Mark as favorite, inactive and save notes
Offline access of searched keyword
Google Trends for each keyword
Kindle Keyword Analyzer:
It has the following features
Top Keywords for kindle books
Results of the top books based on each keyword
The book’s price , no. of pages, review , estimated sales, monthly sales and rank
Avg. of sales rank, monthly revenue, price and review
Creation of a csv file from the data
eBay Keyword Analyzer :
Key features of the eBay listing
SEO Tool for ebay products
eBay Search results for each keyword
Provides price, watch count, bid count and category for product.
Detailed description for all the searched results
Filter and searching by country and category
Export to csv file
Youtube Keyword Analyzer:
The key features of youtube keyword analyser are:
Highly searched youtube keywords
Provision to search youtube videos based on each keyword
Detailed description of each video
Uploading the video directly on youtube account
Algorithm to get a high rank for your video
Calculation of your rank score
Average of Views, Likes , Dislikes and Comments
Ranking competition value
Export to csv.
That’s Awesome… But What Else Can GKEYword Profit Analyser Tool Do?
It has a pro version too wherein vendors can generate their export reports in pdf format. Along with that, they can add their company banner at the top, to give it more professional touch. It also assists in determining the availability of the related domains based on those keywords.

Export CSV

After you do a search you can easily export your keyword list in a csv file so it can be accessed quickly without searching again. You can export seperate list of each niche keywords.

Youtube Upload

Have you ever thought of uploading video along with the best keywords and description in just few seconds. Answer is No. But here you can do a video upload in just few clicks.

Google Trends

In this competitive market, we can get lots of best ranking keywords but we don’t know the history. So with Google trend you can see the Graphical Representation of keywords usage.

Domain Finder

You can also can know the domain available best on the top keywords. Its all done automatically. You don’t have to check availability for each keyword related domains
GKEYword Profit Analyser Helps You With the List Building of a myriad of keywords.
With a combination of all 4 domains into one! The 4 niche domains are Google, Kindle, eBay and Youtube and that provides you the complete list of gold mine best keywords.
With G KEYword Profit Software You Can Create ANY Webpage with a high ranking SEO.
Because it provides with features that help you utilize the best and suitable keywords for your websites, products, books, video or anything else pertaining to digital market.
GKEYword Profit Analyzer Tool
Our Customers are Saying About GKEYword Profit Analyser

Shawn A

First time ever i have found such a single piece of keyword tool that can give tons of features. Till now i was using
multiple softwares for the top niche keywords and it was time consuming. But i think this software will save lots of time
and money for all the marketers. its worth all money spent Best seo tool.

Jeet S

All-in-one keyword research tool is a perfect title for this software. Never thought that this kind of software will really exist. Best Keyword Suggestions, best keyword finder and best keyword generator it is. This made my life easier. Good Work by the GKEYWORD developers

Merve P

I have been in internet marketing since 10 years and have come across various seo software that can give me best
profitable and seo keywords. All worked well so far but not complete to my level. Recently i came across this G KEYword
Profit Analyzer Tool and surprisingly what i found is it contains all features that i am getting by using 5 different softwares
I will say this a best online seo software What a LOVELY PIECE OF SOFTWARE.

Todd K

In this highly competitive digital marketing , it is very tough to win the race with same horse. I mean to say using
the old software or new one but with the same concept that everyone is developing the keyword tool and that is not much
effective. After this G KEYword Researcher Software comes up it has changed the way of using keyword tool and definitely i
will say that it will SAVE LOTS OF MONEY AND ALSO TIMES. Great Job.
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
1. Do I have to purchase 4 keyword researcher softwares ?
Answer: No. It’s a all-in-one, best keyword tool.

2. Does it requires to install multiple software and configuration too ?
Answer: No, it’s a single software and easy to install developed in Adobe Air technology so no configuration and setup require. Install it in a minute.
3. Can I use software in multiple system ?
Answer: No, you cannot install a software in multiple system.You need to purchase another license.

4. Does software has auto update feature?
Answer: Yes, it has.
5. Can I cancel my subscription anytime ?
Answer: Yes, you can cancel subscription in just 1 request. No question asked for refund but withing 30 days.

6. Will I receive a support and service ?
Answer: Yes, you will get support all time and will be replied immediately and within 24 hours.
7. Does it support MAC too?
Answer: Yes, it supports Mac.

8. Does this software really search all the goldmine thousands of profitable keywords in a minutes?
Answer: Yes, just click and get the list in less than a minute. Use it wisely and turn it into a profitable keywords.
GKEYword Profit Analyzer Tool
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